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Are you ready to get out of survival mode and explore what it takes to thrive?

Life Coach Lawyer London Seven

CITY Lawyer turned coach

Hi, I'm Lara - an accredited life coach and a practising lawyer. I help high-achievers who don’t feel like they quite fit — in law, finance, medicine, and other high pressure jobs — to find what they really need to be happy.

I work with those either wanting to explore and tackle the issues limiting their progress in their current role or those contemplating a job change or career transition. 


Many come to me to help improve their wellbeing, their confidence and their relationships with others. 

I offer clarity on your next steps and a deeper understanding of yourself so you gain a more fulfilling work and personal life.

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Are you a high achiever who appears successful on the outside, but your inner thoughts and feelings tell a different story?

Are you feeling unsettled in your purpose and unsure of your next steps? Increasingly experiencing more downs than ups in your work life, which is impacting your personal life too?

I know what it feels like as I've been there myself.
I'd love to help you gain clarity on what's not working for you and how to resolve it, so you feel happier and more settled in your work and personal life.

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At 35, I had been working at the same company for 10 years and I realised that my career had become stagnant, I was tired of being a hamster in a wheel and I desperately needed change - but didn't know how and what to change. Lara helped me strip back the day-to-day frustrations I was experiencing and made me see a different perspective on where I was in my career, where my key values lay and how I could take small steps over time to make positive change.  The sessions I had with Lara helped me find the next step in my career, where I will start at a new organisation in the coming weeks. 

Sports Industry


Lara is a brilliant life coach and I am so grateful for how she has radically improved my life. From the first session, I knew that I could trust her with my deepest anxieties and negative emotions without feeling judged. She helped me to understand what I wanted from life and my working life, to set clear goals and to understand what I need to do to achieve them. Her coaching also significantly improved my confidence in my abilities as well as my social confidence at work. I would highly recommend Lara's coaching to anyone considering it.

Robert B.

Lara was able not only to provide a listening ear, but to give me the tools to grow personally, mentally and emotionally as well as professionally. She acted as a soundboard for my aspirations, anxieties, frustrations and so much more; allowing me not only to vent, but working with me to understand my emotions and how best to deal with them. She gave me a brand new perspective when it comes to dealing with the workplace and completely changed my outlook on not only my work life but my personal life too and how to balance them both.

Rianna Prince

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