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What My Clients are Saying

Robert B., 

"Lara is a brilliant life coach and I am so grateful for how she has radically improved my life. From the first session, I knew that I could trust her with my deepest anxieties and negative emotions without feeling judged. She helped me to understand what I wanted from life and my working life, to set clear goals and to understand what I need to do to achieve them. Her coaching also significantly improved my confidence in my abilities as well as my social confidence at work. I would highly recommend Lara's coaching to anyone considering it."


Sports Industry Professional

"Lara was a key catalyst for my goal of moving to the next step in my career. At 35, I had been working at the same company for 10 years and I realised that my career had become stagnant, I was tired of being a hamster in a wheel and I desperately needed change - but didn't know how and what to change. Lara helped me strip back the day-to-day frustrations I was experiencing and made me see a different perspective on where I was in my career, where my key values lay and how I could take small steps over time to make positive change. Over the course of around 18 months, Lara helped me set realistic objectives to find solutions on my next career step. The sessions I had with Lara helped me find the next step in my career, where I will start at a new organisation in the coming weeks. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lara. Thank you for your professionalism, kindness and solution-oriented approach."


Finance Industry Professional

"Lara taught me I have all the tools I need already, and with her expert coaching I was able to unlock them to reach my full potential. I really enjoyed the entire coaching experience, it changed my thought process which in turn allowed me to act differently, which resulted in a different and better outcome to any given challenge I was facing. The tools I have learnt can be replicated for different scenarios and now I have them, they will stay with me forever. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone contemplating it."

Rianna Prince,

"Lara was able not only to provide a listening ear, but to give me the tools to grow personally, mentally and emotionally as well as professionally. She acted as a soundboard for my aspirations, anxieties, frustrations and so much more; allowing me not only to vent, but working with me to understand my emotions and how best to deal with them. She gave me a brand new perspective when it comes to dealing with the workplace and completely changed my outlook on not only my work life but my personal life too and how to balance them both."


Medical Professional

"I enjoyed my sessions with Lara and worked through a number of different issues I had been thinking over. Through the sessions I have worked on decisions regarding my career direction and possible further study, as well as involving hobbies more in my life and what's really important to me. After the sessions I feel more settled in my decisions and more able to approach future problems using techniques from the coaching."


“Lara has really helped me to navigate some negative situations which have happened at work. She's given me key actions and outcomes  which I can now implement into my day-to-day work experiences  and helped me to recognise some of my values and how they align with where I am today and where I want to be." 

Kandidate 2.png

"Lara helped me to accept the situation I was in and work through the decisions and thoughts I had in mind to escape the problem I'm facing. She was calm and understanding and approachable, and I felt very safe and in a comfort zone to speak about my issues. She made my day with the sessions and I would highly recommend her."


"Lara was so thought-provoking. She asked me great questions that got me thinking about my approach and ultimately helped me to understand where my problem stemmed from and guided me to the solutions. Very friendly, calm and understanding. I can't wait to go away, implement the tools I learned with Lara and book another session with her."


"Lara helped me prepare and plan to become more confident in my workplace. She helped me work through the challenges I am currently facing. I really enjoyed our time together, she asked some hard questions, but helped me work through them" 


“Lara was constructive and supportive. She was amazing at allowing the conversation to flow. She was thoughtful, her responses and questions were considered which enabled a positive framework for dealing with my problem. I would highly recommend Lara.” 


"This was my first coaching experience so I didn't really know what to expect. Lara asked great questions which probed me to think about my situation in different ways. She was friendly and approachable." 


"I really enjoyed the approach Lara took to help me understand my situation from all sides. She gave me the insight and clarity to approach a task I was afraid of, with more confidence."


"Lara is just wonderful. The perfect balance of listening and opening with structure and progress. She makes the complicated feel more simple and manageable and helps me unpick some of the blockers holding me back. Our sessions give me a good deal of clarity and accountability as well as concrete next steps" 


"With her calm approach, Lara is amazing at helping me organise my thoughts and make sense of how I feel. I appreciate the non-judgemental space that Lara creates for me to let my thoughts out. I left the session with a simple and clear process to reframe an unhelpful way of thinking, feeling confident I'll be able to put into practice."


"Lara was amazing! So friendly and empathetic. She facilitated a conversation and created a great framework for me to approach/tackle my issue. I would highly recommend Lara"


"Lara was incredibly kind and helpful in unpacking a challenging situation that had me stuck. Through our conversations I was able to draw conclusions and a plan that I believe will make me more effective in my role."


"Lara helped me unpick some of the issues that I had thought were core to my current problem and realise in fact that I had every tool I needed to solve it." 


"Lara was amazing. I feel really positive and empowered after speaking with her about some things I was struggling with at work. We came up with some practical solutions for my worries and I'm excited to put them into place." 

"Lara helped me realise the current opportunities I have and how to approach them, she gave me clear structure on the next steps and how I can overcome some of my fears. Lara was calm, professional and informative."

"Lara was lovely! She helped me understand my situation and gave me practical advice on what to do next. We have a plan of action and I feel more confident in tackling the problems I am facing. Would highly recommend her!" 

"Lara offered an outside perspective on my situation, and asked the right questions to get me to think through my options. She was friendly and knowledgeable, I'd highly recommend her!" 

"Lara helped me to understand what I didn't like about my situation and helped generate some practical actions I could take to remove some problems." 


"Lara guided me through the session with a very welcoming and friendly approach. She helped make sense of my erratic mind and made me feel at ease. I left the session with more clarity, feeling empowered and energised. I highly recommend her!" 

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