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A different kind of career coaching — for high achievers who have successful careers… and dread going to work

It’s not something you say out loud to any but your closest friends, but that “dream job” you landed feels an awful lot like a nightmare most days. If you had to post a status on the relationship you have with work, you’d say “It’s complicated.” Because you don’t always hate it. You love the challenge, the prestige and the pay's not bad either (let’s be honest).


But you’re here because there’s something you don’t love. And maybe you’re not quite sure what needs to shift, but something definitely does. 


Let’s figure out what that is.

My coaching packages are designed to help you get clear on what changes you need to make and support you in actually making them, whether you want to stay in your career or switch to a completely different one.

Each coaching package below is 4 months long and builds on the previous one. If you are already clear on what you want to do, you may wish to skip the Clarity Package and start with The Making Changes Package.

Either way, our work together begins with a…

'Discovery Call'

A free 30 minute consultation call to ensure we’re a good fit, and give you a real taste of what it’s like to work together. 

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stage 1: Get Clear on What Needs to Shift

The 4-Month Clarity Package

In eight 60-minute coaching calls (2 per month), we identify what about your current position, work or environment isn’t aligned with your values, needs or preferences. From there, we form a plan which may include:


  • Changing your perspective through mindset work so you feel happier, confident and in control

  • Changing aspects of how you work, what you work on, or who you work with so you’re less stressed and more motivated

  • Changing your environment to better meet your needs, so you can do your best work


  • Changing your job (because sometimes it IS the job that needs to change)


You may be able to thrive where you are now. Or, you may find that you need a more substantial shift. After the 4 Month Clarity Package, you will know exactly what you need to do to stop dreading Mondays.

This package is designed to help you explore all the What If’s you’ve been daydreaming about and see if they have the substance to become reality.

The Clarity Package includes: 

  • An in-depth Values Assessment

  • 8 hour-long 1:1 coaching calls (one every other week)

  • Explore how the values that might have got you this far (like financial security, recognition & status) may have changed over time, and which values are surfacing to take precedence.

  • You’ll receive homework with ideas to test before our next call to help you identify the path that excites you the most.

  • We start drawing a roadmap of where you’d like to go and what shifts you’d like to make, by when.


You’re ready for the Clarity Package if…

  • You’re feeling unhappy in your current role and aren’t sure if it’s you, the job, or something in between.

  • You know that something needs to change in your work environment, the job itself, or how you operate in that environment, and you don’t know where to start (also, you’re risk averse by nature, so the benefits of change had better outweigh the risk!) Maybe the answer is to change your job, but maybe the answer is to learn skills to handle your job with more calm and confidence. 

  • You’re not sure what you would do instead, but you’re curious to explore some options (you have sooo many ideas, or you have no ideas — either way, you need help choosing the right path forward)

  • You have a dream that you fantasise about at your day-job, but you haven’t actually really explored what it would take to turn it into a reality (what if I ran off to start a vineyard? A cafe? A knitting shop in Oxford. An acting career…)


At the end of 4 months, you will know what isn’t working for you, why you’re feeling that way, and what you need to do more of (and less of) to feel happier — and identify your best next steps (to stay or go). My job is to help you work out what changes to make and how to make them, so you feel excited for your next steps and certain that they’re the right ones for you at this stage.

That may be enough for you to take the lead, but if you’d like more support and accountability in putting your next steps into action, we can move on to…

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stage 2: Tailor Your Life to Your Values

The 4-Month making changes Package

There’s a significant gap between knowing what we need to do and… actually doing it. It takes more than courage, it takes troubleshooting! Whether you’re changing how you present yourself at work, or changing your work, you’ll be in new territory and people will react to you differently.

In 8 sessions, we’ll navigate these tricky waters together, testing ideas, tweaking your strategies, and helping you address the conflicts that inevitably arise when you decide to change.


This is for you when you’re just starting to make changes and need support to avoid backsliding into old habits and navigate challenging situations as you explore, try new things and move forward.


The Making Changes package includes:

  • 8 one-hour-long 1:1 coaching calls (one every other week) in which we....

    • Refine and update your roadmap.​

    • Keep you accountable to moving forward.

    • De-risk the process by identifying blindspots and thinking through action plans

    • Deep dive into practicalities, realities and obstacles that present themselves as you make progress


You’re reading for the Making Changes Package if…

  • You’ve pretty much decided whether to stay or go, and you’re ready to make changes.

  • You’ve finished stage 1 and/or you already have clarity on what you want to do next, but you haven’t done anything about it yet. You’re still dreaming at your desk.

  • You’re planning to switch careers, you’re applying to jobs, and need help finding your first steps in your new venture.

  • You’re ready to plan out how to actually take action on that ‘what if’ dream.


  • You’ve identified what needs to change to be able to stay at your job or in your industry.

  • You’d like help to continue working on your mindset, habits, boundary setting (and maintenance), perspective, or how you present yourself at work. These changes take time and, often, support. 

  • You need support for when the changes you’re making meet with resistance.


Consider me your dedicated thinking partner, helping you brainstorm, troubleshoot, and experiment your way to a more fulfilled life. I’m here to bounce ideas around, listen to your concerns, help you move through fear and anxiety, cheer your progress and challenge you gently when you need it.


At the end of 8 sessions you will have successfully made the most difficult shifts — like setting new boundaries, getting comfortable with saying “no,” and navigating reactions from bosses, colleagues, friends and family. We’ll get you through the hardest parts with support so you can lay the foundations for a career and lifestyle that allows you to thrive.


At this point, you’ll be off and running, unless the change you have planned is a bit bigger, more complicated or takes a bit longer, in which case, you may need…

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stage 3: from daydreaming to living the dream

The 4-Month Accountability Package

You can change your whole life in less than a year if you’re motivated and have the right support to keep you moving through the rough patches.


This continuation package is for you when you’d like support on a longer journey, plan to make bigger changes and have found coaching useful to stay on track. 


The Accountability Package includes:

  • 8 one-hour-long 1:1 coaching calls (one every other week)

  • We check to make sure that your roadmap/plan still aligns with your values and your timeline (at this stage, it’s common to need some adjustments).

  • Accountability to help you stay on track.

  • Troubleshooting challenges that arise with tools, resources, and homework so lack of knowledge, lack of help, or someone saying no does not become an insurmountable obstacle. 


You’re ready for the Accountability Package if:

  • You are clear on what you want to do and have started making progress, but know you need accountability and ongoing support to make your big goal happen.

  • You’re stepping onto a career path that’s very different and need additional clarity, motivation and accountability to find your feet, learn new skills and navigate new challenges as quickly as possible


  • You've chosen to stay in your current career and make changes to be able to thrive in it and you'd like ongoing support to stay aligned with your values and keep your sanity.

  • You’re practising a new way of engaging in your role, with your bosses and colleagues, and you’d like support so anxieties, insecurities, and other mind-goblins don’t halt your progress


The goal of this stage of coaching is to stay aligned with your vision, feel secure and supported moving forward, and maintain your progress (especially when things don’t go as planned).

This is where you go for the gold, to live a life that is aligned with who you are and what you really want to do.

Are you ready to get out of survival mode and explore what it takes to thrive?

Let’s make sure that this coaching is a perfect fit for your needs

"Lara is a brilliant life coach and I am so grateful for how she has radically improved my life. From the first session, I knew that I could trust her with my deepest anxieties and negative emotions without feeling judged. She helped me to understand what I wanted from life and my working life, to set clear goals and to understand what I need to do to achieve them. Her coaching also significantly improved my confidence in my abilities as well as my social confidence at work"

- Robert B.

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